Children’s Clinics

I run a clinic specifically for children. Please phone for dates and an appointment.

Children of all ages respond to Bowen, and it is used to assist in a variety of disorders and conditions. I don't make formal charges for treating children, I ask for a donation, which I then pass on to local charities. Children usually enjoy receiving the treatment. They can be treated sitting on their parent’s knee, playing on the floor, in a wheelchair or in any position they choose. If they wish to lie on the couch, that’s fine too, but not essential!

The atmosphere is relaxed and centred round the child’s choices and abilities &ndash nothing is formalised and the aim of the whole experience is to enhance the child’s well-being. Informality, relaxation and adaptation are the order of the day. Come along and see for yourself.

In some cases, we know it is not a cure we are aiming at. However, alleviation of some symptoms can make an enormous difference to the well-being of the child and the parents. Take sleep for example. We all know how awful it feels to be deprived of sleep. Our ability to cope with even a trivial upset is much reduced when we are tired and irritable. A child who finally sleeps through the night is likely to feel refreshed and able to concentrate. Parents who gain sleep at night, because their child is settled, are better able to cope with the demands of the day. In this way the whole family will benefit.

Children’s ailments that have responded to Bowen are as varied as those for adults. They include:

ColicWry NeckDigestive Problems
Bed WettingADHDAutistic Spectrum Disorders
Cerebral PalsyAsthmaPanic Attacks
AnxietySleep ProblemsChronic Pain

And many more!

Make a phone call and book an appointment – try it for your own and your child’s sake. I look forward to hearing from you.