My 9 month old daughter was having awful sleep problems. She was always tired and would only sleep for 30 minutes in a morning and in the afternoon. At night she slept very badly and would repeatedly awaken. The Nursery reported her to be fractious. After 3 sessions of Bowen with Christine, she is sleeping for an hour each morning and two and a half hours each afternoon. She also sleeps throughout the night and is a lot more relaxed in her waking hours. I can’t believe the transformation in her and the impact Bowen and Christine have had on our life. Prior to Bowen I had tried everything. I never would have believed it – thank you so much!


I took my 4 year old grand–daughter to see Christine for Bowen Therapy, because she suffered with gastro–enteritis a lot. She went down to 2 stones in weight and looked very poorly, with sunken dark rimmed eyes. She also lacked confidence in herself. Christine saw my grand–daughter 4 times and the difference the treatment has made is remarkable. She has blossomed into a healthy, 3stones, confident child. Thank you Christine!


I have been receiving Bowen treatment from Chris since December 2008 when I developed a problem with my jaw – I was in severe pain and eating or anything involving jaw movement was a problem. A medical article on TMD in The Daily Mail newspaper described my condition perfectly and recommended Bowen Technique. A friend of mine happened to know of Chris and I then had 4 weekly sessions of Bowen and the improvement was significant – without treatment I would have been unable to eat food properly over Christmas. Since then I have continued to receive Bowen treatments which have helped me to cope with the pain and distress caused by Trigeminal Neuralgia. The treatments are very relaxing and gentle and I see Chris for top–up treatments which I feel are very beneficial. My Neurologist was quite happy to discharge me when he knew that I had located an alternative therapist who was helping me to cope with the dreadful pain and distress caused by Trigeminal Neuralgia.


The Bowen Technique was unknown to me until 2–3 years ago when Chris, a gentle practitioner of this and other ‘hands–on’ therapies, introduced me to the treatment. Initially, this was to treat a few physical aches and pains, plus help with relaxation and sleeping problems. Looking back to the early sessions, I am now very aware of how Bowen has also helped me with a form of depressive illness which has plagued me for nearly 30 years. The relief for this was not immediate, although physical aches and pains were definitely improved quite early on. However I find I am now able to recognize and understand this most debilitating condition and cope so much more happily than ever was possible in the past. A monthly session of Bowen has helped me to rebalance my anxieties and difficult moments to a point where I feel I am now functioning really well with a good outlook on life. Thank you Chris and thanks to the Bowen Technique!